Flakey Friend

by Matt Griffo

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A song about the woes of having a flakey friend.


I thought it would be a good idea
A7 Dm
to ask my friend to go hang out
He asked me who else would be there
Gm C7
and what it was all about
I told him it was just for hanging out
We'll go out and have a beer
So we set a date and time and location
And he didn’t appear

Bb F
cause he’s my god damn flakey friend

I thought that might happen
I thought he might not show
I also realized he may not 
even let me know 
So I sat there thinking what the
This won’t ever happen again
I’m finished trying to hang out
Gm C7
It’s finally the end

cause he’s my god damn flakey friend

Two weeks later I check and see 
If he wants to see a flick
He said totally
I’ll bring my buddy Nick
So I tell my girl and we go out
We drive off to the show
I get a text during previews saying
Sorry couldn’t go

Cause he’s my god damn flakey friend

Bb F
I gave up on you
And then I called you a week later go hang out
Bb F
I gave up on you
And then I emailed you a hilarious video with a hamster
Bb F Am Dm
I gave up on you my flakey friend
Sometimes it seems like you're dead
But really you're just watching movies in bed
Gonna hang out by myself instead
I'd kill you if I ever saw you in person but clearly I never will my flakey friend

b v

Swear more and more about your flakey friend and get more frustrated about the flakey friend
They give excuses. They're dead to me

You're like Richard Nixon you're a dick
They're like god, never calling back
They're like my pet rabbit dumbledoor scared inside their home
They're like a 3 year old, can't trust them with jack

Sometimes it seems like they're dead
You don't return my calls you bastard
You (mumble swearing)
I'm not gonna wait for you I'm gonna go to bed instead

Bb F
Cause he’s my god damn flakey friend


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Matt Griffo Chicago

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